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Pema Lingpa ...Bhutan...1450-1521 AD


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Pema Lingpa .... (1450-1521).... "Padma Lingpa was an important tertön from Bhutan, listed as the fourth of the five sovereign terma revealers. ..Pema Lingpa was born in Chel, part of the central Bhutanese region of Bumthang known as the “Wheel of Dharma.” ......he prophesied that in the future he would return as Longsal Nyingpo in the pure land of Pemako, and that those connected with him would be reborn in Pemakö as his students.....

He is also credited with opening the hidden valley (bas yul) of Khampa Lung (kham pa lung).....Beyul (Tibetan: སྦས་ཡུལ, Wylie: sbas-yul) are hidden valleys often encompassing hundreds of square kilometers......Tertöns may reveal them from terma at specific and appropriate times. Their locations were kept on scrolls (lamyig or neyig) hidden under rocks and inside caves, monasteries and stupas. They are places where physical and spiritual worlds overlap and Tantric practice effectiveness increases with multiple perception dimensions......Earthly beyuls share significant characteristics with Shambhala, which is the greatest hidden valley....."


Padma Lingpa's Dzogchen Song ...

"The emptiness in the seeing which is called Vision
Transcends definition as something or nothing;
When seeing, is there nothing there?
But if there is an object of sight, there is no Vision.

The profundity that is called Meditation
Lies beyond the presence or absence of mental images;
When there is no mental image there is no object of meditation,
And when there is a point of reference there is no act of meditation.

He whose moral action is called spontaneous activity
Has gone beyond the possibility of choice;
When there is no bias or discrimination, there is no perfect action,
And when there is no accepting or rejecting, where is moral action?



Major textual revelations of his include....
Crystallization of the Tantra of Luminous SpaceThis is considered the first of his thirty-two terma.
The Great Compassionate One
The Darkness-Dispelling Lamp
The Attainment of Longevity, Combining Gems with the Path
The Three Black Teachings
The Cycle of Small Activities
The Gathering of Samantabhadra’s Intention
Lama Jewel Ocean
Indestructible Garland of Long-life Instructions
The Protector Maning
Vajrapāṇi the Tamer of Spirits
Kīla, the Utterly Secret Vital Razor
Red Hayagriva that Defeats Arrogance
Lama Drakpo
The Lama Norbu Gyatso



Nyoshul Khenpo..... A Marvelous Garland of Rare Gems: Biographies of Masters of Awareness in the Dzogchen Lineage
Sarah Harding (trans.).....The Life and Revelations of Pema Lingpa (Ithaca: Snow Lion, 2003).


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